About The Association

What is MPTA?

The Mechanical Power Transmission Association was founded in 1933 as the Multiple V-Belt Drive and Mechanical Power Transmission Association.  In 1961, the Association name was changed to Mechanical Power Transmission Association. MPTA was one of the first organizations in the power transmission field to launch programs of standardization.


The MPTA Mission Statement

The purpose of the Mechanical Power Transmission Association is:

  • To Promote The Manufacture and Sale of Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment while increasing the public awareness and knowledge of such equipment.
  • To Develop Industry Standards to insure the proper design, manufacture, and application of their equipment on a voluntary basis and in such a manner as will not impede development of such equipment or lessen competition.
  • To Collect And Provide monthly statistical sales data for the various business sections of the Association.
  • To Encourage The Participation of member companies, through the Association, in dealing with industry and government regulatory bodies concerning matters of common interest to member companies.
  • To Serve The Needs of its members in all matters that are of common interest.

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