MPTA B3c – Synchronous Drive Identification (MPTA B3c-2020)

This informational bulletin categorizes current and discontinued synchronous drive products by tooth form.


MPTA B11i – Belt Drive Misalignment (B11i-R2018)

This informational bulletin provides the maximum misalignment for belt drives. The recommendation accounts for V-belt and synchronous drives.


MPTA C7c – Common Causes of Tire Coupling Failures (MPTA C7c-2010)

This publication is intended to provide users with a general overview of the most common causes of failure with elastomeric Tire couplings and their causes.


MPTA C8c – Sleeved Element Failure Analysis (MPTA C8c-2011)

This Informational Bulletin is intended to provide users with a general overview of the most common failures of elastomeric shear donut style couplings and their causes.

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MPTA C9 – Standards and Regulations Affecting Couplings (MPTA C9-2014)

This publication provides examples of standards and regulations affecting both elastomeric and metallic couplings.


MPTA C11c 2017 Grid coupling failures April 2018 final


This publication provides examples of coupling failures


IP-3-16: ATmosphere EXplosible (ATEX) An Overview

RMA IP-3-16 | Technical Bulletin

The European Union’s Atmosphere Explosibles (ATEX) Directives became law September 1, 2003. More commonly referred to as ATEX, there are two complimentary directives, intended to reduce the hazards created by potentially explosive atmospheres, primarily in the petrochemical, refining, and mining industries. Both are intended to facilitate free movement of products and equipment within the European Community. One directive applies to equipment, and the other applies to worker protection.


IP-3-17: Power Transmission Belts – Standard Symbols

RMA IP-3-17  | Technical Bulletin

The following symbols have been established for use in power transmission belt standards, technical bulletins, and Technical Committee documents. The symbols reflect domestic practice in existing standards or standards under development for V-belts, V-ribbed, and synchronous belts. In the case of synchronous belts, the symbols also reflect ISO wherever possible (reference ISO 5296).