ARPM Belt Drive Resources

ARPM Belt Drive Publications

The following publications are available to order from the ARPM website. Follow this link to order.


  • IP-20 Classical Multiple V-Belts (A,B,C., D, and E Cross Sections)
  • IP-21 Double V-Belts (AA, BB, CC, and DD Cross Sections)
  • IP-22 Narrow Multiple V-Belts (3V, 5V, and 8V Cross Sections)
  • IP-23 Single V-Belts (2L, 3L, 4L, and 5L Cross Sections)
  • IP-24 Synchronous Belts (MXL, XL, L, H, XH, and XXH Belt Sections)
  • IP-25 Variable Speed V-Belts (12 Cross Sections)
  • IP-26 V-Ribbed Belts (H, J, K, L, and M Cross Sections)
  • IP-27 Curvilnear Toothed Synchronous Belts (H3M, R3M, S3M, H5M, S5M, H8M, R8M, S8M, H14M, R14M, S14M, H20M, AND
  • R20M Belt Pitches